Our mission is to support the early learning community through professional development opportunities that promote quality practices for children and families.  

We do this through:

     - education and training

     - networking

     - advocacy

     - leadership

     - community partnerships and;

     - resources

Our purpose shall be charitable and include but not be limited to serving on behalf of the needs, rights and well-being of all young children in The Pacific Northwest and their families.



Recently, Snohomish County Association for the Education of Young Children or SCAEYC (that's us) changed it's name to Pacific Northwest Chapter of WAEYC. We did so to remain in compliance with our parent organization, NAEYC. All affiliates nationwide were required to reorganize and rebrand in an effort to unify the NAEYC community. 

In the fall, our board entered into discussions with the affiliate board, Whatcom County. Our discussions led to their integration with our group.  A year earlier, Island and Skagit counties joined our organization. As a result, our board (SCAEYC) voted to adopt a more suitable name:  Pacific Northwest Chapter of WAEYC. Please note that until the branding process is completed,  some online and printed materials may still  reference SCAEYC.